Monday, May 9, 2011

California Modular Church Building for Rent

If you are searching for a modular building or portable classroom for your church and are in California this may be a good resource to save you money. helps churches, YMCA's and private schools locate modular buildings from local suppliers at very competitive rental or purchase prices.
Here's the link to a page on that feaures a used 48'x40' modular building that is in good condition and was used by a church for twelve months.

48'x40' Modular Church Building
48'x40' used modular church building with nice exterior and interior finsihes, heating, cooling, handicap ramp.

Click Here to go to the page and request a price quote.


  1. Wow...we used and found a really nice modular for our church school at a good price.

    Arnold M.

  2. does anyone know where I can find a used portable classroom that is divided into two rooms?