Thursday, April 4, 2013

Modular Church Building Tips and Prices - New Jersey

Modular church building prices and tips for buying in New Jersey
Modular church building installed with a handicap ramp.
Here are a few tips that you may find helpful if your church is in need of modular space for classrooms, daycare or even offices anywhere in the state of New Jersey. Congregations in Trenton, Newark, Cherry Hill, Garden City, East Orange and other cities have been using modular buildings to solve overcrowding and accommodate people during renovation and construction for years.

Top Tips for Buying or Renting a Modular Church Building or Classroom:

1. Decide how much space you will need and how you want it laid out. Consider bathrooms, classroom space, offices, food prep areas and don't forget space for furnishings.

2. Choose a site where the modular can be easily installed. Find a level and easily accessible location and be sure to know where the existing utility connections are located - shorter distances for connection can save you money and time.

3. Get permission! Visit your local building and safety department and have a site plan with you. Be prepared to answer questions about how long you will need the modular building, who will be using it, if it will have bathrooms and how you will accommodate handicap people. Unless you have some out of the ordinary situation that can put people in danger or negatively effect the community you should be able to obtain a use permit.

4. Get competitive price quotations from modular building suppliers that are very familiar with the New Jersey market. This will save you money and help you navigate through the permitting process much easier.

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  1. We asked Matt Banes for his help through and he found us a really good deal for a used modular at our church here in New York. He also saved us some real problems with the permits.

  2. Thanks Ralph....I recall working with you and appreciate the post. Write back and let me know how your modular project turned out.