Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Used Modular Buildings for Sale in Illinois

used modular classrooms and offices available in Ilinois
In June and July 2012 hundreds of companies rented and purchased used modular buildings in Illinois. The most common uses were classroom and office space and the majority of buyers purchased used modular buildings.

"There is an abundance of good quality used modular buildings and classrooms throughout the U.S. and suppliers are eager to rent or sell their inventory at low prices. So talking to two or three local companies and negotiating the best price will save a company thousands of dollars" states Matt Banes of

"Try using the price request form if you are shopping for a modular or prefabricated building. It's the best way to reach quality suppliers who can answer your questions about everything from permits to installation" Banes stated.

Here's the Price Request Form (below). If you are searching for a modular structure complete this form and local companies will contact you with prices and information. It's super helpful.

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