Monday, May 2, 2011

Church Modular Building

I have noticed that several churches, places of worship and private schools have been using a web site named to find good prices on used and new modular buildings, portable classrooms and steel buildings. It's very easy to use and helpful to hear from local suppliers who know a lot about building codes  and permits for modular buildings, handicap access ramps, how and where to set up a modular and the best layout for your school, church or office needs.

Try it out if you are on the hunt for church space, - just look for the banners on the home page and throughout the site that say "Get Free Price Quotes" or use the banner to the right - we got it with permission form the Editor at


  1. Fantastic resource for our church school. We found a used 24x60 modular building for a good price and from a very helpful company - Williams Scotsman

  2. helped our YMCA find a used portable classroom in Los Angeles. We heard from three companies and it was hard to make a decision becuase each one had good rental rates and nice modular buildings.

  3. A modular church building can be the answer to many churches building challenges in providing space both quickly and proficiently. The buildings can offer temporary or permanent space solutions for all aspects of a church building including offices, fellowship common areas, Sunday school rooms, and sanctuaries. Thanks a lot.