Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June - Best Month to Rent or Buy a Modular Classroom

If you are with a church or private school and need a portable classroom or modular office June is a very good month to shop. Many public schools throughout California, Florida, Texas, New York and other large U.S. markets get rid of existing modular structures to make space for either new replacements or because the space is no longer needed. This makes a buyer's market as suppliers don't want the used classrooms back in inventory and are willing to rent or sell for great prices. Sometimes you can buy direct from a school or church.

Just another tip from iModular.com......start shopping for space and ask about used modular classrooms.

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  1. California has thousands of nice used portable classrooms available through dealers and direct from schools. The only problem dealing with the schools is you need to know who to call and when....

    I've used iModular.com and they seem to know where are the best deals on modular classrooms are.

    Robert R.