Monday, November 12, 2012

Churches Find Modular Classrooms Affordable

" Our church had been in need of classroom space for 45 students in our CCD and Sunday school programs but we didn't have the money or time to build a new building or add on. We decided to use two modular classroom trailers from a local company. We are renting both 24'x40' units and will own them in a few years. Modular solved our problem in short order," Pastor K. Murphy, North Carolina.

* Note - Pastor Murphy used to find the best deal on the 24'x40' modular classrooms he is renting. 

This is a typical story and another example of how growing membership organizations rely on modular building providers to solve space problems. Whether space is needed for a school program, daycare center or office space - modular buildings and portable classroom trailers offer flexible floor plans, quick installation and affordable payment options.

If you planning to use a modular building here are a few initial steps to take before you start spending money:

1. Choose a location and discuss this with your local building and safety department as permits will be required. Make sure it is easily accessible and level for installation.

2. Know how much space you need and how you want it configured (bathrooms, offices, open areas, doors, windows).

3. Know your budget and contact local modular building suppliers with your wish list. Remember that you can rent or buy a used or new modular building. Be prepared to answer questions about when you want to be open, how many people will be using the space and if there are any special needs such as a handicap ramp.

I suggest that you try using one of our free online forms to find the most qualified modular supplier in your area and get the best possible price for renting or buying a structure. - Reach 4 Local Suppliers by completing this form. - Get prices, floor plans and pictures of used modular buildings for sale in your area.

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