Friday, January 11, 2013

What Size Modular Building Should We Use?

We get calls and emails from churches asking us what size modular buildings and portable classrooms are best for church facilities. Depending upon the amount of people that need to occupy a structure the answers can range from smaller 24' x 40' (960 square feet) units to very large 72' x 60' (4,320 square feet) units. Here are the most commonly used modular building sizes for churches and private schools in the United States:
Modular buildings and classrooms for churches
Typical modular church building.

24 'x 40'
24' x 60'
36' x 60'
48' x 60'

Floor plans and finishes are all options that can be selected with the help of a local modular building and portable classroom supplier. If you need any assistance contact your local suppliers by completing our supplier contact form.

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