Friday, November 8, 2013

Sometimes a Portable Classroom is Best for Your Church Program

Portable classroom, modular building.
Typical portable classroom
located on a church property.
Churches with daycare, after school and other civic activities often use modular buildings and portable classrooms to provide space for students and members of the community when existing space is not available or sometimes during construction. It seems as if many churches have limited space available to use for growing programs so their options are new construction, find space off campus or use a portable building. Here is a great example of a Church representative who needed to rent a portable building in a hurry and found our online price quote tool to be a huge help in finding the exact model a the best rental price:

"I took Matt Banes' advice and used his online price tool to get help and a good price on a portable classroom for our church and it worked out to our advantage. We needed a 36' x 60' classroom for an after school home work center and Sunday school space and eventually ended up renting a used model from the first company that responded to us here in Oakland," P.W. Marshall

Portable classroom and modular building prices.

If you represent a church and need to rent or buy a portable classroom for any type of space need us my online price request tool to get prices, photos and help from a local supplier. If you prefer speaking with me call my direct line at (714) 442-2757 ext 502 for nation wide help.

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