Sunday, February 11, 2018

Where should we install our modular classroom?

Installing a modular classroom on your church campus is relatively easy if you have available space and easy access to move the delivery trucks in and out during the initial phase of installation. Things get tricky when space is not available or a desirable area is blocked by another structure or important feature (parking spaces for example) of your campus facility plan.

Here are some helpful tips if you are planning to install a modular classroom or modular office on your church facility campus:

1. Know your campus! Be sure to have a facility plan that you can review with the modular classroom installer. This plan should show your existing campus, parking, driveways, location of existing structures, utility locations, any landscaping that can not be removed, and property lines.

2. Must haves. Know exactly what you can not work without such as parking spaces, driveways, walking paths, and existing trees or other plants that can not be removed or replaced.

3. Choose a smart location. Select a location for your modular classroom that makes sense for people who will be using the structure. Consider easy access to and from the modular classroom, closeness to bathrooms and other facilities, accessibility during inclement weather, and finally, how it will appear in comparison to other structures.

4. Know the local building codes and regulations for using a modular classroom in your town. This is very important and the law. Once you have considered my suggestions above you should take your idea to the local building and safety department for a plan review and permission.

I hope these ideas help you get one step closer to a successful modular classroom installation for your church modular building plan. If not feel free to email me directly at

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